TaDa Festival dedicated to Brenda Rooney

This year's TaDa! Festival is dedicated to BRENDA ROONEY, a stalwart supporter of Theatre Wakefield since its beginnings 20 years ago.

Brenda recently left our community to join family in Nova Scotia and already her absence is felt! After 30 years in our community, what a legacy she leaves: Brenda was a founder, president and chair of the Theatre Wakefield board for many years, she and her late husband Robert established the acclaimed Wakefield International Film Festival (WIFF), and ran a film camp that produced a plethora of arts aficionados amongst the Village youth, many of whom have gone on to do great things. She produced shows, ran marketing workshops, mentored those with less experience (which was nearly everybody), provided a shoulder to cry on when things got tough... she was pretty much there for everyone. Her shortbread was unrivalled. Her advice went uncontested. Meetings at her house around her iconic dining room table were frequently interrupted by neighbours picking up eggs (go figure). She was a Mover and a Shaker extraordinaire in our little village, and a great friend/supporter to so many of us who volunteer our time and energy, believing the arts to be the ultimate way of bringing communities together. Brenda, this one's for you!