Mayfly at the TaDa Festival

TaDa! Performing Arts Festival presents Mayfly.

What do a flustered entomologist and the life cycle of the mayfly have in common? Take a seat in her class and find out!

Written and Performed by Rae-Anna Maitland, this very early version of Mayfly is a one-woman, comedic piece devoted to the investigation of one metaphor: the life cycle of the common mayfly. Through research, physical exploration and character development, Rae-Anna builds a world where the memory, the self and the natural world intersect.

WHEN: Sun, May 29th - 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM WHERE: La Fab sur Mill - 8 Chemin Mill

Tickets to Mayfly are $15 OR Buy a $20 ticket to Mayfly and gain entry to Sunday evening’s Drag Queen Cabaret! Get your tickets by following the link below!