100 Mile Arts Network has help for the summer

We are excited to introduce the 100 Mile Arts Network's summer student coordinator, Maya Skarzenski. She will be with us for the summer and will be helping a great deal with the many projects we are working to bring to you over the comings weeks and months. She is the perfect fit for the Network and brings an amazing background in the arts.

Maya is a recent graduate from OCAD University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. While in school, she was very active in the Toronto arts community, but since graduating, has moved back to her home in the Outaouais region. Maya grew up on a farm in Low, 15 minutes away from Wakefield, and is now really keen on getting to know the local community better. An emerging artist and curator, working in textiles, painting, and photography, The 100 Mile Arts Network is a very exciting project that resonates with her.

While in Toronto, Maya had to be very self-motivated and create her own opportunities. Organizing art exhibitions for herself and other artist which helped her develop strong communication and organizational skills. The process of connecting artists and finding opportunities for them brought her a lot of joy. Organizing shows and events has made her very comfortable contacting and soliciting artists and others within the arts field.

Working on her projects , she's had to find venues, contact people for collaborations and market the events.Maya also brings a lot of digital media experience having designed her own website and constantly managing her social media platforms with engaging content.

During an internship at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Maya learned about art education, worked on developing different art activities, and learned about museum programming.

We are thrilled to have her and look forward to introducing her at our upcoming events.