New Works Dramaturgy Program - Deadline Extended to May 1, 2020


If COVID-19 has you at home madly scribbling the Great Canadian Play treatment, here is your opportunity to get it ready for the stage!

This year, Theatre Wakefield continues its free sponsored program of assistance to playwrights and playwrights-in-the-making primarily from the Ottawa/Gatineau/Outaouais region as it looks for new original scripts to be performed by our company.

If selected, what free service will you receive?

1. Guidance by Actor/Director/Author/Dramaturge Peter James Haworth to help focus your ideas and images.

2. Peter will read each draft and give detailed notes on structure, character, dialogue and other elements. The writer will then work on a second draft bearing in mind the comments provided and upon which Peter will again comment in detail. By the end of the summer, each playwright will have submitted three drafts. Peter will read the third draft mainly in consideration of the development of the script.

For selected plays, New Works provides a Professional Workshop of one script in the fall, a public reading of another at our TaDa! Festival in mid-September, a tour of one or more in the Outaouais Region as readings, the possibility of one becoming our mainstage production in the future and the possibility of scripts being included in a digest to be made available for reading.


Deadline to declare intention to submit script is now April 15, 2020. Scripts are read on a first come basis, so the sooner they are submitted, the sooner they are read.

There is only one way to submit script treatments. Send them in .PDF format to: .

If there are a large number of submissions, we will take the first twelve drafts with preference to full-length plays that have not been produced.

The overall goal is to develop and nurture local and regional writing talent and to build a resource pool for original and new plays that other theatres may also want to take on.

Responses to Peter’s dramaturgy support:

“...Thank you for your thoughtful examination, and the accompanying suggestions...You've given this "emerging poet /playwright" a lot to think about. Many — probably all, in fact — of your points make absolute sense, and I'm going to think about them at length and consider where to go from here.”

“After going over your feedback, I must say, it was very insightful and incredibly helpful. I did something that I likely should have done from the get-go -- created character profiles for each player. It really helped me figure out the purpose that each character was meant to have in order to drive the action so it was less about reminiscing and more about self-discovery and growth in the moment. I also thought a lot about the dramatic objective and decided that it should be.”

“This is just great. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this level of analysis. It's easy to agree with (i.e. rings true), and clear in how to act on it. OK, I look forward to making the changes.”

“I think the analysis is bang on. In fact, it addresses many of my own thoughts about the early-draft play.”

If you don’t make the selection this year, you can contact Peter at the same address and arrange for private coaching for a fee.

Theatre Wakefield’s New Works acknowledges the support of our funders and sponsors: The MRC des Collines de L'Outaouais and the Municipality of La Peche.

For more information on New Works and Theatre Wakefield, please contact David Park, Project Coordinator at or 613-294-2841.