Theatre Boot Camp!

Theatre Bootcamp will give participants an opportunity to learn acting and improv basics, use theatre games and exercises to explore their own lives and community, and take the resulting material to create their own touring show. The show will also be filmed by professional camerapeople, in front of an audience of family and friends in the Gwen Shea hall, giving participants the “live studio audience” experience. The camp will strive to empower the participants and encourage them to discover the thrill of creating their own work in the performing arts. Each camp will take place over the span of two weeks, with the following schedule.

Week 1

Introduction to acting

Ensemble building and improv exercises

Establish a theme for the show

Build and rehearse skits based on improv games

Create twenty minute show using the skits

Film a “digital short”

First walk through the of the show on Friday

Week 2

First full run through

Dress rehearsal

Tech run in the Gwen Shea hall

Touring the show to other camps on Wednesday and Thursday

Final day of camp - have the show filmed in front of a live studio audience, using professional camerapeople and equipment.

Cast party

The camp will be run twice in the summer of 2020:

July 6th-17th (ages 11-13)

July 27th - August 7th (ages 14+)

Camp Director

The camp will be run by Allie Smith, a theatre professional and certified educator. Allie brings over 15 years experience in the performing arts and has taught at Concordia University, Montreal Children’s Theatre, and many schools for the OCDSB and OCSB. She brings with her deep knowledge of creating collaborative, community-based original works, and real-world experience as an educator who emphasizes improvisation and self expression.

Why Theatre?

Theatre can teach you to work generously and cooperatively with others. Together with your ensemble, you can learn to find creative solutions to very human problems. It teaches you the value of taking risks, playing in a team, and bringing discipline, energy, and fun to any given situation. Empowering participants to learn these skills and create their own work can give them agency, independence, confidence, and a sense of self-accomplishment that can make them more effective in other parts of their lives.


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