Theatre Wakefield Gears up for a wonderful Spring Show and Makes an Urgent Appeal for one more actor

At Theatre Wakefield, we are getting excited with the run up to this Spring’s glamorous and hilarious comedy, “Jeeves At Sea” set on a yacht in Monte Carlo harbour in the 1930s.

Those of you who are familiar with the famous books of P.G. Wodehouse and the wonderful British comedy series starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry will already know you are in for a treat of classy buffoonery! If not, just google Jeeves and Bertie Wooster.

More on that soon.

Meanwhile we are now in recruiting mode for folks who want some fun with an exceptional community theatre company.


We are almost done with our casting AND WE ARE IN URGENT NEED OF A THIRTY-SOMETHING MALE ACTOR who can play an upper class English Twit (more or less). If you or someone you know is a possible candidate, please, please, please, contact me at 613-294-2841 or !!!


and we have a long list of positions big and small to fill. Experience is nice but not essential - our being an amateur theatre, this is where you can come and experiment, make mistakes in order to learn and get better. Bring a spirit of adventure! We will train and manage the workloads, schedules and fun

- a Stage & Rehearsal Manager (SM - the biggest & best job in theatre) - requires some project management experience and organizational skills - training provided - time commitment

Backstage - (what a cool and exciting place for intraverts during a show)

- an Assistant Stage Manager/Backstage Manager (ASM) - to back up the SM and boss everybody around backstage (just kidding)- assertive, soft spoken and detail-oriented

- Costumers and Wardrobe Manager - creating and sourcing some of the great fashions of the 1930s Riviera then organizing the wardrobe and costume changes

- Props Persons - creating and scrounging the set design accessories and actor’s props, managing the props table backstage - can you find a long, silver cigarette holder or a straw boater? - must be willing to beat up actors who do not take care of their props!

- Lighting and Sound Operators – working with the tech director in the booth pushing buttons with intense concentration - good for tech nerds, those with an interest in design and those who want to resonate with the music of a play

- Set crew - Imaging helping to craft a fine Mediterannean yacht (the stern end , anyway) with crepe paper and bubble gum! - carpentry, design and painting skills are useful

- Front of House (FOH) - a fun job - take money, sell tickets, hand out programs, work the door, take tickets, count tickets, provide support for those in need of accommodation, watch the show

- Promotion - support our team by helping to advertise -everywhere! - participate in promotions and help put bums in seats

- Hospitality - help to organize food for cast and crew and possibly help with events associated with the show

- Sponsorships, Ads and Donations - working with maestro Jeffrey Ferguson, explore the possibilities for soliciting funds to support hospitality, printing, programs, events

These positions all have different time commitment requirements and we respect peoples’ lives.

Come see how rich an experience theatre can be or rekindle that flame lit in the past. Some of us have never been the same since - and that is a good thing!