Theatre Wakefield Salutes Strong Female Leaders in the Community

Thank you to everyone one who came out to see How Libby Got Married by Vicki Williams. Your participation and feedback was very helpful in the continued workshopping process of this new script. In the spirit of the story, Theatre Wakefield asked folks to reflect on strong female leaders in their community. Here are the women that were put forth by their friends, family, and neighbours:

Marie Joannisse - “A heart centered person who quietly supports her family, friends and community in a variety of big and little ways. Marie has served on the Board of La Lanterne for many years, coordinates fundraisers, accompanies friends on long road trips, drops off delicious baked goods and has become a knitting power house.”

Wanda Seguin – “She is a true inspiration to all of her friends, she used to lead a two spirit group, a lot of native knowledge, just a great person. “

Sharon Rounds – “A self-employed farmer, owner of several businesses over time. As well as helping individuals with their taxes, she has provided leadership and bookkeeping for the United Church, the Cemetery Board and the Health Foundation Boutique at the hospital. She has been an entrepreneur, started Sur La Lune ice-cream shop, hired local youth, provided them business training and life coaching. She is feisty, passionate, loving, honest, frank and honorable. A defender of causes, she is a ‘go ahead’ gal and always has community up at the top of her list and deep in her heart.”

Debra Stephens – “Debra makes others feel welcome with her enthusiasm and hospitality. She is clearly passionate about her community and a very strong role model to her students.”

Kudos to these leaders, and to the countless others in our communities