Brennan’s Hill, Chelsea, and Shawville: Nominate a female leader in your community!

Honour a woman in your community who has overcome adversity, had a positive impact on her community, or is an inspiring role model, by submitting a nomination to Theatre Wakefield in time for its next production, January 24-26.

How Libby Got Married by Vicki Williams follows the incredible life of a Victorian woman who does everything right -- and yet somehow is still wrong. Libby is trapped, both metaphorically and literally, in a male-dominated society. Her only hope for survival is her strength, integrity, cleverness – and some plain old good luck.

A woman from each of Brennan’s Hill, Shawville and Chelsea will be honoured at the performance in the area where she lives. Please note that this is not a competition; it is an opportunity to uplift the women of your community!

Send your nominations to by Thursday, January 23rd, and tell us why you admire this woman!

How Libby Got Married will be a staged reading, meaning the actors read from scripts onstage. Presenting the work in this way allows the audience to witness a key step in the dramatic process of writing a play, and provide valuable, constructive feedback to the playwright. It comes to you as part of Theatre Wakefield’s program New Works: From The Page To The Stage, and in collaboration with The 100 Mile Arts Network: this original, script is being developed into a future main stage production.

Performance Dates:

Friday, January 24, 7pm, Brennan’s Hill Restaurant & Bar (Brennan’s Hill)

Saturday, January 25, 2pm, Mill Road Community Space (Chelsea)

Sunday, January 26, 2pm, Pontiac High School (Shawville)

Entrance is by donation.

The actors:


John Miedema

Jim Payette

Jim Potter

Mike Barker

Mara McCallum

Kerstin Petersson

Dougal Rattray


Supported by the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais

Theatre Wakefield présente How Libby Got Married par Vicki Williams, une lecture en tournée. Developé par le program New Works en collaboration avec 100 Mile Arts Network, avec le soutien de la MRC des Collines-de-l'Ouatouais.

Vendredi 24 janvier, 19:00, Brennan’s Hill Restaurant & Bar (Brennan’s Hill)

Samedi 25 janvier, 14:00, Espace communautaire du chemin Mill (Chelsea)

Dimanche 26 janiver, 14:00, École secondaire Pontiac (Shawville)

Entrée par contribution volontaire. Cette pièce sera présentée en anglais seulement.