Casting call for Maître Chez Nous

Theatre Wakefield, is planning a fall production of Ron Stoltz’s play Maître Chez Nous.

Director: Peter James Haworth (Equity)

Producer: Ron Stoltz and Jeffrey Ferguson

Stage Manager: Andrea Rowe

Audition Location: In Wakefield, venue TBA

Rehearsal Location: Legion Hall, Wakefield

Compensation: Theatre Wakefield is a community theatre company and does not pay its actors (but in other ways, you will become richer!)


Auditions: Thursday, Sept. 5, 7-9:30pm and Saturday, Sept. 7, 10am – 1pm Please note all auditions will be given a special time within this window.

Call Backs: TBD

Date rehearsals start: Sept 22, 2019

Date rehearsals end: Nov 21, 2019

Weekly rehearsal schedule: 10 hrs/week: Tuesday, Thursday evenings 6:30 – 9:30pm, Sun. afternoons 10am – 2:00 pm, and every evening Nov. 17-21, 6-10pm on stage. (Not everyone will be required for every rehearsal.)

Performances: Nov. 22, 23, 24 (matinée) and Nov. 29, 30

Performance Venue: Wakefield LaPêche Community Centre in beautiful Wakefield, QC


Maítre Chez Nous is a drama based on political events in Quebec between 1976 until 1995. The narrator, Gilles, is looking back from the present day and musing on his younger self’s involvement with the separatist movement, reflecting on how it impacted the lives of his friends, his coworkers, his culture. The play takes place in Montréal through a series of flashbacks to 1976, 1981, 1995.


Note that at least three of the francophone roles will be played by actors with a distinct French Canadian accent.

Mature Gilles (60s) – the narrator at the beginning of each of act. Both the mature Gilles and his younger self could be played by the same actor using make-up, clothing changes and props as needed, or by two actors.

M. Tessier (mid-60s) – owner of the architectural firm where Gilles works The following characters are all in their mid-20s to mid-30s at the beginning of the play. By the end of the play they will have aged about 20 years:

Bernard – francophone, brash, confrontational

Gilles – impressionable friend to both Bernard and Steve

Michelle – francophone, friendly and easygoing, sympathetic to the idea of separation, but not as dedicated to it as Bernard and Gilles

Renée – francophone, bright, ambitious, worldly, independent, unconvinced by the arguments in favour of separation (may be played by an actor without a French accent)

Steve – anglophone, talented professional man opposed in principle to separation but sympathetic to the notion of francophone rights in Canada; friend and colleague to Gilles

Actors must be able to commit to attending all rehearsals, and to every night of tech/stage rehearsals the week prior to the show.

Theatre Wakefield promotes an environment of equity, inclusion and diversity. Artists from under-represented communities are encouraged to apply.

FOR MORE INFORMATION or to register for an audition, please contact us at