Theatre Wakefield Annual General Meeting 4 October, 2018 at 6:30 PM at Centre Wakefield La Pêche

Our AGM will be held on October 4th 2018 at 6.30pm at Centre Wakefield La Pêche. Please come along to hear about our shows and productions from last year and our plans for the future.

We will tell you about all our successes, plans and financial status (which is pretty good, by the way). There are some proposed changes coming to our Bylaws which we will post soon.

It is really important to have as many of you as possible renewing your voting memberships (a$5 fee) so you can vote in numbers sufficient to give us a mandate. We promise not to be boring.

It can’t be said often enough: “Thanks to all of you for your energy and support over the past sixteen years.” As our ability to deliver great programming has increased, our need for committed do-ers increases and our leadership has shrunk in recent days due to normal attrition.

This is a critical time for us. In order to deliver our mandate, we need new individuals with strong qualities to fill positions on our depleted Board of Directors and committees.

Especially, we hope to find persons with skills in areas of marketing & promotion, volunteer management, financial management, production and governance. Anyone with passion and a willingness to put in a few hours each month is encouraged to contact us as soon as possible in advance of the AGM. We can sure use your help.

As some of you already know, we have several very interesting projects on the go:

  • The Wakefield Players - our community troupe with 2 excellent shows per year

  • New Works Project - providing free dramaturgy for area playwrites leading to presentations and workshops with TW

  • DocFest - eight years of the best of documentary films

  • The TaDa! Festival (coming up the 1st weekend of September!) - a weekend multi-arts festival

  • Our touring Professional shows - including the River Trilogy by Ian Tamblyn

  • Theatre Wakefield Presents - importing shows from outside the area

  • Adding to this, we are currently embarking on an ambitious project with Patrimoine Canada/Canadian Heritage to create an arts and culture touring network for the Outaouais region. This will enable arts groups to find a market for their shows locally and will encourage more professional touring shows from outside.

  • Each of these projects needs liaison with the Board and support for sustaining their direction and coordination.

  • Please open your hearts to help us stay alive and vibrant. Yes , there is a commitment to be made but our pledge to you is to give each new leader a bite-sized piece of the work. Our promise is to govern better and manage all our resources with care, especially our people.

  • Bilinguism est un atout.