Leadership appeal

For several years now, non-profit organizations in the Lower Gatineau, Pontiac and surrounding areas have been providing a high level of cultural offerings through music, theatre, writing, heritage interpretation, fine art and outdoor events. How often do we hear: “I missed it! There is so much going on!”? Lucky for us, such richness!

It’s important to note this ‘richness’ has been accomplished by the passionate vision and volunteerism of those who participate in organizing events and serving on boards and committees. Sometimes this work is challenging and sometimes it is just plain fun. Ask anyone who has worked on a play or a concert, a festival or a parade.

Leadership has been a key element in this success. Also of great importance, we need occasional Renewal to guarantee our sustainability.

Over the past sixteen years, Theatre Wakefield has evolved from a community troupe doing two shows a year to something of a cultural service provider with many different programs. This has been accomplished by a cohort of tireless leaders. Now many of us are at retirement age and we are ready for a transition to new leadership with energy and skills.

Theatre Wakefield is financially stable. We have developed a reliable reputation among funding agencies at all levels. Most recently, with the support of Patrimoine Canada/ Canadian Heritage, we are embarking on development of a Regional Arts and Culture Touring Network, a hugely ambitious endeavour with enormous benefits for the whole region.

Still, we remain a non-profit led by volunteers. This expansion and the inevitable turnover of leadership and helpers means we need new people to train and lead us into our next era.

This is true for all such groups in our area. More and more, we all recognize the need to engage new volunteers and pay part-time help to run our programs and we are starting to explore ways to share resources and best practices. Above all, we need your help.

Especially, we need persons with keen interest, commitment to a few hours every month and strong skills to serve on our Boards and committees and /or to teach us how best to manage our marketing, volunteers, archives, websites, social media, programs and productions.

Never was the need for this sort of community service more important. Yet, people hesitate for fear of workloads. Our promise is to govern better and manage all our resources with care, especially our people.

On October 4th, 2018, we will hold our Annual General Meeting at which we will tell you all about our successes and our financial picture.

This is a critical time for our organisation and the continued evolution of our programs. Please talk this up to people you know. If you or anyone else might be at all interested in serving or have the potential to lead, please contact us today at . Our community and your life will be that much richer.