Auditions for the Fall production

This fall Theatre Wakefield will be putting on TWO one-act comedies back to back. Shows are the last weekend of November and the first weekend of December. There is a time commitment and rehearsal scheduling will try to accommodate everyone’s personal schedules.

The first is "Caught With His Trance Down" by Georges Feydeau. A Bedroom Farce in which a servant hypnotizes his bachelor master to do all the work. But when a new bride-to-be appears, the status quo is threatened. Will the servant be able hypnotize this problem away? Or will true love beat it all and run its course?


BOURIQUET the master of the home. 30-50 yrs old. More than a little narcissistic this "nouveau riche" man is constantly preoccupied with his status and looking good.

JUSTIN: Servant to Bouriquet. 20-30 yrs old. Gifted with the ability to hypnotize people. He uses it to hypnotize Bouriquet to do all the chores that he was supposed to do. Very servile and submissive when Bouriquet is sober, his air completely changes when his is in charge.

FRANCINE: Bouriquet's older sister. 40-60 yrs old. Neurotic and terribly attached to her younger brother. She treats him like the son she never had.

MAX: German servant of the Valencourt family. 20-30 yrs old. Party to Justin's hypnotism he wants to learn how to do it himself on his own master.

VALENCOURT: Famous Doctor. 50-70 yrs old. He's come to Bouriquet's to appraise his finances and his worthiness to marry his daughter.

ANTOINETTE: Daughter of Valencourt. 20-30 yrs old. She's excited to meet her new husband. A bit ditzy.

The second play is "Love Potion" by Irene Saharov. A story about the perils of what happens when you lie on your online dating profile and the hilarity that ensues when you try to keep up the lie.


NESTOR: 50 something yrs old. Still lives with his mother. Timid. Lonely. Kindhearted.

RICKY: 50 something years old. Sleazy con man always on the look for his next victim. Comes in from Toronto and lies on Nestor's dating profile.

GILDA: Mother of both Nestor and Ricky. Treats Nestor like a baby.

LOUISE: 40-50 yrs old. Beauty salon manager. Divorced. Romantic. Searching for Mr. Right.

MIMI: 40-50 yrs old. Louise's sister. Manicurist. Divorced. Likes to party. Mouth not connected to brain.

AUDITIONS: Monday August 27th and Tuesday the 28th from 6-8pm. Other dates may be required.If interested please contact Gabriel Milling at and say which part you would like to audition for.