Auditions! Attention New Blood!

Auditions for Theatre Wakefield's New Works play reading of “The trouble With Ninjas “, an office comedy by Caitlin Oleson, will be held on Saturday, August 25th at 10:00 AM at 7, montée Belvédère, La Pêche. If you are a good reader and fast on your feet, call me! There will be one or possibly two rehearsals. One performance initially at the TaDa! Festival September 8th, 2018.


SALVADOR - Male. 32 y/o public servant. Well-educated, professional, insecure, dull sense of style. Diverse casting encouraged.

WALT - Male. Late 60s. Janitor. Humorous, compassionate, world-wise. Diverse casting encouraged. This role could also be female (LILLIAN MARIE McDUFF, or “LILL” for short).

HARRY - Male. Early 50s. Public servant. Arrogant, ignorant, sexist, wears expensive suits. Caucasian.

AURORA - Female. Mid 20s. Recent graduate. Enthusiastic, bubbly, kind. Diverse casting encouraged.

This is a reading and will be performed with a script – no sets, no props – just chairs and music stands. So much fun! Please contact David Park at 613-294-2841 or .