TaDa! Festival Finale: Ian Tamblyn & Friends, Saturday Sept 8 at 9pm

The TaDa! Performance Arts Festival finale features Ian Tamblyn and 11 of his musical friends at the Blacksheep Inn singing some of the songs from Janet Irwin’s recent production of Up to Low, as well as Ian’s Gatineau Trilogy. We’ve invited those who can to gather one more time to sing (and celebrate) his music!

Ian Tamblyn has been a working musician since 1972, the same year he moved to Old Chelsea and made it his home. He has released dozens of albums of his own, and produced the albums of many other musicians. Over the years, he’s written too many songs to count (so says he), over 100 theatre soundtracks and 14 plays (including the trilogy that traces the history of our beautiful Gatineau Hills through a series of vignettes and songs: A Bridge Too Far, A River Runs Through Us, and A Summer…A Fair).

He’s also the founder of Chelsea’s Angel’s Share concert, now a hallowed Christmas tradition that took root in 2007.

​​An aspect of Ian’s life profoundly inspiring him is his work as an adventure traveler. His journeys have taken him to such off-the-beaten-path locales as Iceland, Greenland and the Falkland Islands. He's also led expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic as a team leader with Students On Ice, a program that takes educators, scientists and youth from around the globe to explore the coldest of climes. Many of Ian’s song lyrics reflect the places he has visited, like his Four Coast Project: Superior: Spirit and Light (2007), Raincoast (2008), Walking The Bones (2011) and The Labrador (2014).

Numerous artists have covered Ian’s music and there is a tribute album of his work entitled Coastline of Our Dreams featuring artists like Lynn Miles, Susan Crowe, Hart Rouge and Valdy.

Ian was music director, composer and musician for Janet Irwin’s adaptation of Brian Doyle’s book Up to Low. It played at the National Arts Centre this past spring. He reprises many of the songs from the play on Saturday night for TaDa!​

Tickets are $20 at the door.

The artists appearing with Ian Tamblyn will be: Singers/Actors:​ Pierre Brault Megan Carty Doreen Taylor-Claxton Robert McCart Paul Rainville Chris Ralph Jill Rick Matt Selic Sheena Beena Turcotte Kristina Watt Musicians: Pat Maher Ellen Daly