TaDa! Festival presents: Beaver Dreams (2016), Saturday Sept 8 at 1pm

August 9, 2018

Directed by: Anne Lalancette
Produced by: Maggie Winston
​Creator/Clown/Puppeteer: Maggie Winston
Clown/Puppeteer: Rae-Anna Maitland
Sound Design: Kendal Zier
Animation and Media Design: Molly Winston


Beaver Dreams- La Fièvre du Castor tells a story about a family of beavers and a family of humans living in the heart of the Quebecois forest. The beavers go about their daily life; gnawing on wood and building dams. The humans try to go about their typical summer chalet activities; sun tanning on the dock, dancing in the moonlight. But when the dam raises the water level over the dock’s edge, there is a perpetual struggle between construction and destruction, between the animal and its adversaries. Both the beavers and the humans experience the same nightmare depicting commercial development that threatens their corner of paradise. What if the beavers thought the same as us?

(for all ages / 50 mins / bilingual)


Performance takes place at Centre Wakefield La Pêche 38 ch de la Vallée de Wakefield in Wakefield, Quebec.
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- The MainLine Theatre Creativity Award, Montréal
- The Montréal le Festival de Clowns Award


Best Puppet Show, Victoria
Best Family Show, Victoria
Best English Production, Montréal
Big Things in Small Places, Montréal
Most Promising English Co., Montréal


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REVIEW (2016):
“[Beaver Dreams] is nothing less than brilliant. Maggie Winston and Rae-Anna Maitland are two quirky, hilarious and ingenious puppeteer clowns. In their performance of Beaver Dreams, we see the span of several generations come and go from the family chalet in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec. A beautiful use of bilingualism and story-telling that touches the heart and creates laugh out loud moments of pure joy. The duo effortlessly dealt with technical difficulties and unexpected moments, like when a beaver’s incisor tooth comes flying out into the audience, to which we all celebrated in laughter. Winston and Maitland love what they do, and it glows through their work, straight into our hearts. Anne Lalancette’s direction touches the details and guides the story from moment to moment, and her presence in the work does not go unnoticed. This show should not be missed, so pull up a log and wade into the waters for a good story.”
Kendall Savage, Montréal Festival of Clowns


Vancouver Fringe 2017

Victoria, BC Fringe 2017

London, ON Fringe

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