Summer Theatre Camp Wakefield Adventures with Animal Tales - July & Aug 2017

In this year’s Theatre Wakefield’s Summer Theatre Camp, we will be exploring animal fables, legends and fairy tales that come to us from the fonts of wisdom (and perhaps other places too). Through movement, speech, imagination and observation, we will create characters, learn to work together as an ensemble, as well as put our new skills to use in forming a theatre piece. An exciting program for ages 9 and up!

Week one – An Animal Tale – for ages 9 and up. July 24 – 28 With Julie Le Gal

This week of exploration of an Animal Tale will be filled with movement games, singing and rhythm, fun voice challenges, working in chorus and individually, creating characters, learning to create mood and contrast, and learning what it takes to become an ensemble. Students will learn essential skills for working together in all realms of life, learning to listen, respond, build and create together, as well as gain confidence and joy in being freer in body and voice. A presentation of the week’s work will be at the end of the last day.

Week two – Shadows of Nature – for ages 9 and up. July 31 – August 4 With Ekaterina Vetrov

During this one-week session, we will be exploring the world of animals through poetic texts, ensemble work, rhythm, voice and movement exercises, and specially featured Shadow Theatre. While learning the style of Shadow Theatre, students will be going through the whole process of creation: starting with analysis of the text, then drawing a “story board” with their vision of the piece, then making shadow puppets, and finally, learning to use screens and lights to operate the puppets in order to craft a beautiful piece of theatre. Each day will be ending with the “Candle Time” where everyone will gather around the candle, pass it around the circle, and share stories and tales about the mysterious world of nature. By the end of the session, students will create unique Shadow Theatre compositions and perform them at the final presentation.

Week three and four – Animal Encounters – ages 12 and up. August 7- 11, 14 – 18 With Julie Le Gal and Joan Parkinson

In these two weeks, we will unravel wonderful Animal Fables to create characters, the world of the animals and its sounds. We will develop the choreography and blocking in space, make music, create moods and magic. We will play games and explore opening and enlivening the body and voice though movement and speech to create a harmonious relationship between body and voice, as well as learning to speak and move together. We will also work out what the piece needs technically and design-wise. For design, we will be so lucky to work with incredibly talented artist, puppet, costume and set creator Joan Parkinson who will lead the creation of costumes and accoutrements, as well as set with the students. Through working in a large ensemble and in small groups, we will create a piece that will be presented at the closing night gala.

Our camp directors

Julie Le Gal (Week 1 and Two-week Camp)

Julie Le Gal trained in the Michael Chekhov technique and Rudolf Steiner’s speech work in New York City. She has worked as a professional actor in theatre, film and TV for over twenty years, and has created and directed theatre and taught for almost as long. She has taught in professional acting schools, programs and conferences, leads workshops, and coaches individuals.

Ekaterina Vetrov (Week 2)

Ekaterina Vetrov is passionate about bringing professional theatre training to children of all ages to help them grow, discover new worlds, expand imagination, gain professional theatre skills and succeed in life. Ekaterina is very happy to get an opportunity to meet Wakefield children and spend a week creating magical theatre together! Ekaterina’s work can be found at Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre.

Schedule Week 1 – July 24 – 28, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Ages 9 and up. $250.00. Week 2 – July 31 – August 4, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Ages 9 and up. $250.00.

Two-week Camp – August 7 – 18, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Ages 12 and up, $475.00.

Registration Register on the Centre Communautaire Wakefield La Pêche site.