A Summer… A Fair

Update: Visit the Our Hidden Hills website for more details. Theatre Wakefield will be touring the Outaouais this summer with its new play “A Summer…A Fair” written by Ian Tamblyn. We will present this heritage animation production in at least 12 communities within the MRC des Collines, MRC de Pontiac, and MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. The family-friendly play is designed to be easily presented outdoors in collaboration with local host groups in each community. The tour will run from late July through early September at parks, outdoor stages, fairs, and other innovative venues. In June, Theatre Wakefield will be providing a networking session where community members can learn more about event hosting and how to turn events like these into opportunities for community-based fundraising. Theatre Wakefield toured “A Bridge to the Past” to nine Outaouais communities in the summer of 2015, and the play was attended by over 1,100 people. Last year, a second play “A River Runs Through Us” was performed with similar success up and down the Gatineau River Valley. “A Summer…A Fair” is the third in Ian Tamblyn’s heritage animation trilogy that combines local history, amusing stories and characters from our region’s past, and lively songs and music performed by the cast. “A Summer… A Fair” is set against the backdrop of a traditional “picnic” (fair) of the type that was common in the region’s farming communities from the 19th century onwards. It can be presented in tandem with other local summer events, or stand alone as a cultural offering. With the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage, Theatre Wakefield’s goal for this project is to work with communities in bringing culture to their summer green spaces, and to create the future means of sharing opportunities for the local hosting of theatre, music, dance, or other cultural performances. A second networking session to articulate this vision will be offered in September with the aim of generating stakeholder collaboration in attracting resources and support for the consolidation of a touring network in 2018.