A Confession: Based on the book by Leo Tolstoy

As well as our popular fare of fun and frolic, Theatre Wakefield also offers thoughtful plays for the heart and mind, of universal issues that matter to our community and beyond. “A Confession: Based on the book by Leo Tolstoy” is one such delight.

When one of the most brilliant writers of all time begins to lose the security that underpins his existence and then proceeds to document his path to freedom with self-rigour and clarity and even humour, it is surely worthy of attention. Call it a courageous reconnaissance into the largely unmapped territory of the psyche, a journey upon which many of us fear to tread without such a guide. With `Confession`, Tolstoy gives us both direction and hope for life’s journey.

This is a Special Single Event, a gift offered by our professional friends Peter James Haworth and Julie Le Gal as a fundraiser for Theatre Wakefield’s important New Works Program which encourages and supports new local playwrights. Peter has been filling the role of Dramaturge left vacant by the loss of Robert Rooney. We hope you will come to experience this spiritually-uplifting gift and help us to continue this valuable work.