Shakespeare in Wakefield July & August 2016

There will be a whole lot of shaking going on this summer! And we’ll start on July 10th with “Twelfth Night” Throughout the last hundred years, Shakespeare has been regarded as being archaic and even impenetrable to quite a few theatre goers. Difficult experiences in high school has made many people regard his plays as relics, studied for somewhat sadistic reasons. This is unfortunate, because his plays are no more passé than Michaelangelo’s The David.

There will be 3 Shakespeare performances over the summer: These are events suitable for the whole family.

All of them will take place at the Fairbairn House at 7 pm. Please bring a chair, a picnic, make it a day!

Pay what you can – suggested donation: $20 per adult

Our first Shakespeare season will feature 3 Shakespeare presentations. In future years, we will have more and we also plan to take them on the road – like we did with “Bridge to the Past” last year.

First up:

The Theatre Wakefield staged reading of “Twelfth Night” – July 10. Come and enjoy a staged reading of one of Shakespeare’s most loved plays, “Twelfth Night”. Just some actors, scripts in hand, bringing to life this great comedy. With a mix of both professional and local actors, we will work to bring you a magical evening of romance and comedy

N.B: In case of rain, we will be moving to the Centre Wakefield La Pêche. Rain call will be at 6pm.

The story:

A young woman travelling with her brother survives a shipwreck and finds herself alone in a strange land. How will she live, who will she be? She decides to disguise herself as a young man she calls Cesario in the Count Orsino’s court, and so begin Viola’s adventures. Orsino is in love with the fair Olivia, and Viola/Cesario is sent to her to woo her, but Olivia falls for Cesario! – and he/she is in love with the Count Orsino! With this situation unfolding, as well as the antics of Olivia’s household, we might ask “Are all the people mad?” So says the mysterious traveller who just arrived in town. Love, mistaken identity, clowns, songs, and mayhem: what else could you want? (How about about the practical joke to end all practical jokes….

Viola – Julie Le Gal Sebastian – Jean-Michel Le Gal Olivia – Laura Hall Mavolio – Eric Coates Sir Toby Belch – Geoff McBride Sir Andrew Aguecheek- David Whiteley Maria – Catriona Leger Feste the Clown – Peter Froehlich Orsino – Peter James Haworth

Wakefield Players will be performing all the other roles. The Players feel privileged to be mentored by such a great group of professionals.

Valentine – John Hardie Curio – Erik Ewing Meyer Sea Captain – David Parks Antonio – John Hardie Olivia’s Serving Woman – Patricia MacGowan Fabian – Kerstin Petersson Priest – Ilse Turnsen First Arresting Officer – Sarah Dore Second Arresting Officer – Claude Laroche

Shakespeare, you say, he’s hard to understand. Well, come along to Fairbairn House, you might be surprised.

Second up: Bear&co

A Bear & Company performance of “Macbeth” – July 24.

Third up:

FoolsA Company of Fools performance of “Pericles, Prince of Tyre” – August 10.