Bridge to the Past – a Musical on Local History

September 1, 2015

Bridge to the Past is a lively romp through historical events, big and small, guided by two boys who discover a summer of adventure by the banks of the Gatineau River. Seven stories inspired by research gathered by Wakefield and area residents last fall, these stories now form the frame work for “the bridge” to the past, dramatized in skits and eight songs. Join the boys as they race down the rapids of the Gatineau River, witness the great Hull fire through eyes and words of Sarah Wright, as she battles to save her home. There’s fun too in the misadventures of the boys in a one roomed school house, life in a logging camp and with those who found ways around prohibition times in the Gatineau Hills.
Original contributions and editing by Sally Swan, John Hardie, John Michie, Walter Last, Brooke Broadbent, Brooke Gibson, Kerstin Petersson, Robert Rooney, Ian Tamblyn.
Join us for an hour of fun with as we cross the “bridge to the past”.
Megan Carty*    Gabe Milling
Dylan Phillips   Hannen Sabean
Matt Selic           Sheena Turcotte*
“Bridge to the Past” is the second phase of a history animation project we started in the fall of 2014: River Valley Rendezvous.
The first phase was about researching local his- and her-stories, turn that research into scripts, have them read and animated by actors, add sound effects, music and visual materials … and voila! … now they are a permanent exhibit at the Fairbairn House local history museum in Wakefield that visitors can call up on Fairbairn’s touch screens. Read more on River Valley Rendezvous Vignettes.
Admission is free.  We will be passing the hat after the performance. Proceeds go to the venue or to a community organization of their choice.
Dates and locations:
Home base for this production is the Fairbairn House where it will be performed a number of times.
We will also tour this region thoughout August. An up-to-date schedule will be kept on this website and our Facebook event pages.
The Last Few Dates :
August 29 – 3:00pm – Fairbairn House, Wakefield    (ADDED!)
August 30 – 1:00pm –  Lac Ste. Marie Pavilion
August 31 – 2:00pm – St. Michael’s High School, Low – 1st Day Back to School performance
Past Performances :
August 5 – 6:00pm – Fairbairn House, Wakefield
Every Thursday in August – 3:00pm – Fairbairn House, Wakefield
August 8 – 1:00 pm – Otter Lake RA Centre – Ball Tournament
August 9 – 4:00pm – Fairbairn House, Wakefield – after the 3rd Annual Garden Party
August 12 – 1:00pm – Coronation Hall, Bristol
August 14 – 7:00pm – Cascades Club, Chelsea – after the Neighbourhood Dinner (earlier this time)
August 16 – 1:00pm – Henry Heney Parc – Danford Lake
August 19 – 2:00pm – La Grange de la Gatineau, Cantley
August 22 – 11:00 am – La Fab, Chelsea – during the Chelsea Market
August 23 – 3:00pm – Fairbairn House, Wakefield
If you’d like to see a performance in your community, please contact us at
(*) Appearing by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

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