BROADWAY MEETS JAZZ! May 2, 3pm & 8pm

An entertaining and uplifting journey from the Broadway stage to the world of Jazz! May 2, 3pm & 8pm Wakefield Centre 38 Valley Drive Wakefield, Qc TICKETS available online or in person at the Wakefield Centre 3pm – $13.05 + GST QST & 8pm – $17.40 + GST QST

Gab Desmond: voice and violin (in the photo) JF Poulin: voice and guitar (in the photo) Pierre-Armand Tremblay: piano Jean-Sébastien Clément: double bass Mario Roy: drums Did you know that some, in fact many, of the world’s most famous ‘jazz standards’ originated from Broadway shows? We invite you to join us on a fun-filled journey of discovery, back in time, to explore the connection between these two worlds: that of the Broadway stage and the world of Jazz. This show promises to both entertain & uplift all who attend. Enjoy such classics as: Blue Skies, I Got Rhythm and Summertime; to name but a few.

Local Chelsea resident Gab Desmond – who was featured in a sold-out, Broadway-style concert during last year’s TaDa Festival and received a standing ovation from all in attendance – is now joined by his dearest friend, the incredibly gifted singer and musician Jean-François Poulin to provide you all with a show to remember for years to come. They are two professional, Canadian musical theatre artists who have contributed to the success of countless productions; from the Broadway stage, to shows overseas and all over our country. This concert will be no exception and you will certainly be glad to count yourself among those who made it out to this wonderful celebration of music in all its glory!