Lorne Elliott, January 17 2015

He’s back, and he’s CHASING THE BIG SILLY! Lorne Elliott’s latest comedy and musical theatre tour is playing at Wakefield Centre on Saturday, January 17th at 7:30 PM. Listen to an interview with Lorne Elliot on CBC Radio’s “All in a Weekend”. Lorne talks about his upcoming show in Wakefield and the three different projects he’s working on. The show will have plenty of new material but he’ll also perform some of his most popular songs.

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CBC listeners will remember the Madly Off In All Directions Comedy Series that Lorne hosted for 11 seasons. Let him shake up your worldly perceptions and shake out your funny bones in 2015! Tickets are only $20 + tax from, or from Jamboree, Wakefield Express, Wakefield Centre, and at La Fab in Chelsea.