Blake Field and the Case of Grammatic Irony - April 4, 5, 11 & 12, 2014

The Plot: Acclaimed mystery writer Lady Josephine St. Mary Mead welcomes you to her world-famous writers’ retreat, “And Then There Were Nouns” – a place for would-be authors to learn from the best talent from across the mystery spectrum. Our Lady of Deduction invites you to a very special dinner. Guest writers will read from their works, fine cuisine will be served, and a great surprise will be revealed! The great lady has been harbouring a secret for many years which she promises to reveal at this, the 35th anniversary of her retreat. It’s a sumptuous dinner of deceit, death, and dangling participles, as jealousy, secrets, and ambition spring from the pages of literature and bleed all over the main course. Join ace local sleuth Blake Field as he reads between the lines trying to solve his most baffling case yet. Yes, it’s murder… most hyperbole! RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES Part of the Blake Field mystery series written by Scott V Hebert-Daly, p erformed by the Wakefield Players. Shows April 4, 5, 11, 12 at Wakefield Centre. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Ticket sales for Friday 4th close at 6:30 PM WEDNESDAY and for Saturday 5th close at 6:30 PM THURSDAY.