Sweet 16 bilingual poster


In 2002, local activists from Wakefield Ensemble were searching for a way to engage the community around issues of development and generate support for local businesses. It was determined that the village could benefit from a community theatre group addressing key issues in a playful, often satirical way. Volunteers quickly galvanized around a core of well-experienced theatre professionals and talented amateurs.

In 2011 Theatre Wakefield moved into it’s brand new performance space at Centre Wakefield La Pêche and increased its operating capacity with the goal of helping to ensure the sustainability of the Centre for the regional population.  By providing professional lighting and other technical equipment and services at the Centre, Theatre Wakefield has been successful in brining more visiting performances and productions to Wakefield. 

Theatre Wakefield continues to seek more ways to support the village’s thriving creative economy. Ultimately, these activities all sustain and grow Theatre Wakefield’s role as a core contributor to the regional population’s artistic and cultural expression through the performing and cinematic arts.