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Steve Powers

Hell or High Water

Written by

Rae-Anna Maitland

Leia Ranger-Drouin

Elementary Ghoul

Annick Hardie

Rose dans le bois

John Hardie

Major Turpin

Laurie Zrudlo

Ghost Hill

Valerie Twolan-Graham

The Haunted Stone Mason's Mansion

Teresa Bandrowska

Careful What You Wish For

Christiane Claude

The Firefly

Andrew Rooney

The Waking of Dan O'Gill

Kathryn Harper

The Lady

Cathy Edwards

The Devil or Loup-Garou

Abrah Arneson

The Woman Who Calls the Dead

Annick Hardie

Dead-End Farm

Special thanks to the Gatineau Valley Historical Society and the Pontiac Archives for access to material that inspired many of these twisted tales. 

Ghost Hill, the Waking of Dan O'Gill, The Lady, and The Devil or Loup-Garou are based on accounts compiled by Venetia Crawford and Gunda Lambton in their book "The Wildest Rivers, the Oldest Hills". The Haunted Stone Mason's Mansion is based on a story by David Booth and Charles Lundy. Careful What you Wish For is adapted from The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs (1902).