Our History

TW Display BoardIn 2002, local activists from Wakefield Ensemble were searching for a way to engage the community around issues of development and generate support for local businesses. It was determined that the village could benefit from a community theatre group addressing key issues in a playful, often satirical way. Volunteers quickly galvanized around a core of well-experienced theatre professionals and talented amateurs.

Theatre Wakefield is the dynamic organization that has grown from this early initiative into a driving force for arts and culture in the Lower Gatineau Valley. Focusing on theatre and the cinematic arts, it annually produces main-stage performances, dramatic readings, community heritage animation projects (Our Hidden Hills and the Maison Fairbairn House project Stitches in Time), a wide variety of theatre training workshops, the Ta Da! Festival, Summer Film Camp, and the Wakefield International Film Festival (WIFF).

Highlight productions over the years have included the famous “Wakefield trilogy” of plays written by Scott Hebert-Daly, Cabaret Civil – Canada’s first bilingual musical comedy, Wakefield Idle (the village’s answer to Canadian Idol), as well as more serious dramatic fare such as Corker and Dreamwalker, featuring local teenaged actors in lead roles.

View and download Theatre Wakefield Productions from 2002-2016.

In recent years, Theatre Wakefield has increased its operating capacity with the goal of helping to ensure the sustainability of the new Wakefield La Pêche Community Centre and its services for the regional population. The organization has provided professional lighting and other technical equipment for the Wakefield Centre’s Great Hall performance space. Theatre Wakefield technicians offer services to visiting performances and productions, and our volunteers help set up raked seating, operate sound and lighting equipment, and handle ticketing and front-of-house. Find out more about how you can get involved and about the Theatre Wakefield organization.

With the opening of a performance space and regular home for its productions in the Wakefield Centre , Theatre Wakefield is now in the process of seeking more ways to support the village’s thriving creative economy. Ultimately, these activities all sustain and grow Theatre Wakefield’s role as a core contributor to the regional population’s artistic and cultural expression through the performing and cinematic arts.