Theatre Wakefield is an incorporated not-for-profit community organization.


Theatre Wakefield initiates, promotes, and supports the creation of community-based arts and culture in La Pêche, the Outaouais, across Québec, and internationally.


Theatre Wakefield’s vision is to support the creative economy of La Pêche and its community members (including youth and seniors) through theatre, film, storytelling, heritage animation, community fundraising, social activism, learning and training, and writing to produce original works and performances.

Board of Directors

  • Chair: Lynn Forrest
  • Vice-Chair: Linda Gillies
  • Secretary: Teresa Bandrowska
  • Treasurer: Linda Daugherty
  • Members-at-large: Jeffrey Ferguson, Sam LaBrecque, Patricia MacGowan, Leanne Olson, David Park

Directors’ terms are two years and alternate so that only half the board is up for election each year at the Annual General Meeting.