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Theatre Camp Director Hired!

Meet Our Camp Director - Sarah McVie Sarah is an actor, teacher, writer and director. She discovered her love for drama at summer camp on the banks of the St. Lawrence River when she was 11 years old. The joyous days of imagination, ... Read More

Summer Theatre Camp, July and August 2016

Overview and Schedule Summer Theatre Camp is a new two-week program designed for youth to build theatre skills and collaborate on the creation of a theatrical revue of skits, scenes and improvisations. Following on the heels of seven successful years of Summer Film ... Read More
Lorne Elliott - Fixer Upper poster

Lorne Elliot – The Fixer Upper

Welcome back, Lorne! Already twice, funnyman Lorne Elliott has delighted Wakefield audiences with his sold out hilarious one-man Music & Comedy Theatre Shows:
  • In 2014 – with “The Upside of the Downturn”
  • In 2015 - with “Chasing the Big Silly!”
So we’re ... Read More

Wakefield International Film Festival 2016

  • Check out the Schedule and Feature Films
  • enlightened and enlightening discussions on the podium and in the foyer before, between and after the screenings
  • a fantastic team of ... Read More

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The Wakefield Players ham it up in the Canada Day parade.