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OCTOBER 17 & 18!

“Astonishing force”… “Disastrously entertaining”… “Exhilarating performance”…

Theatre Wakefield presents Infinitheatre’s Kafka’s Ape

Captured on the African Gold Coast and imprisoned in a cage, the ape Redpeter’s onlyredpeter escape route is to become a walking, talking, hard-drinking member of the Peace Industry – the entrepreneurial world of mercenary soldiers that is one of the biggest growth industries of the 21st century. In his journey of enforced evolution from Apedom to Humandom, Mr. Redpeter is a living embodiment of the irony that he is perhaps now more of an animal than he ever was. Based on Franz Kafka’s short story A Report to an Academy, written in 1917 – the worst year of the Great War – this updated version of the story, entitled Kafka’s Ape is touring Toronto, Stratford… and Wakefield!  Buy tickets.

Written by Franz Kafka

Adapted and directed by Guy Sprung, starring Howard Rosenstein, with Alex Montagnese.

Glowing reviews for Kafka’s Ape at Toronto’s 2014 SummerWorks Performance Festival:

“Unexpected theatre that makes the art form worth going to. A highlight of the SummerWorks Festival.” - Christina Strynatka,

À venir en novembre!



Théâtre Wakefield est très heureux de présenter la célèbre pièce bilingue BALCONVILLE

Theatre Wakefield is very excited to present the bilingual play BALCONVILLE


du dramaturge canadien \ Written by David Fennario,

mise en scène de \ Directed by Claude Laroche.


image003L’histoire se déroule dans la fin des années 70 à Pointe-Saint-Charles, l’un des premiers bidonvilles industriels canadien à Montréal. Les Expos sont gagnants et les usines ferment leurs portes. C’est le temps des élections et le candidat local parcoure en invoquant les mêmes vieilles promesses. En contrepartie, les francophones et les anglophones faire front commun dans leur lutte contre «  l’establishment ».

The story takes place in the late 70’s in Pointe-Saint-Charles, one of Canada’s first industrial slums in Montreal. The Expos are winning and the factories are closing down. It is election time and the local candidate is roaming the streets making the same old promises. As a result, the English and the French speaking working class join forces in order to take on the “Establishment”.


Dates de représentations: le 21, 22 28 et 29 novembre 2014, 20 heures ainsi qu’une matinée le 29 novembre à 14 heures et auront lieu au Centre communautaire de Wakefield-La Pêche, 38, chemin Valley (Wakefield) Québec.

Performance dates: November 21, 22, 28 and 29, 2014, 8 p.m. with a matinee on November 29 at 2 p.m. at the Wakefield-La Pêche Community Centre, 38 Valley Drive (Wakefield) Québec.

Les billets
sont 20$ pour les spectacles en soirée et 16$ pour la matinée et sont disponible en ligne, à la Boutique Jamboree, 740 chemin Riverside (Wakefield), à La Fab, 212 chemin Old Chelsea (Chelsea) et à la porte.

Tickets are $20 for evening performances and $16 for the matinee and are available on-line, at Boutique Jamboree, 740 Riverside Road (Wakefield), at La Fab, 212 Old Chelsea Road (Chelsea) and at the door.

(Avertissement : Language vulgaire)

(Warning: Some coarse language)

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